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Tutorial on artificial intelligence-In this article you will learn about AI, NLP, speech recognition, computer vision, image processing, robotics, pattern recognition, machine learning, unsupervised learning, supervised learning, regression, clustering, reinforcement learning.

 Tutorial On Artificial Intelligence

"Artificial Intelligence" is a branch of Computer Science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans.
We can say that "Artificial Intelligence" is a technique with the help of this technique of human being trying to make the machine-like human being.
"Machine-like human being" means human being trying to make a machine which reacts like a human being, speak like a human being, Feel like a human being, Think like a human being, and try to make the machine more understanding which decides what he does now based on the current situation.

AI (also known as intelligent systems) is primarily a branch of computer science but it has borrowed a lot of concepts and ideas from other fields, especially mathematics (particularly logic, combinatorics, statistics, probability and optimization theory), biologypsychologylinguisticsneuroscience, and philosophy.

The field that is required to make machine intelligence:

1)Speech Recognition:-  A human being speaks, Listen communicate through language like this "Speech Recognition" is a field used to communicate with the machine.

2)Natural Language Processing(NLP):- A human being can read, write text in a language like this "NLP" is a field used by the machine to read, write text.

3)Computer Vision:- A human being can see with their eyes and process what they see like this "Computer vision" is a field used by the machine to process information.

4)Image Processing:- A human being can see with their eyes and create an image of the world like this "Image Processing" is a field which even though not directly related to AI which required Computer Vision.

5)Robotic:- A human can understand their environment and move around fluidly like this "Robotic" is a field used by the machine to understand the environment and make the decision.

6)Pattern Recognition:- A human being can see a pattern such as the grouping of an object like this "Pattern Recognition" is a filed used by the machine to understand patterns and grouping of the object.

Main Application of Artificial Intelligence:

Machine Learning:- Machine Learning has begun to reshape how we live, so we need to understand what Machine Learning is and know why it matters. 

What is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning is a sub-field of Artificial Intelligence.

Ml application learns from an experience like humans. When exposed to new data, these applications learn, grow, change, and develop by themselves.

Machine learning works from experience. We give data set to ML application and ML application used this data set and analyze it

and then he takes the decision and gives an output.

Why Machine Learning?

To better understand the uses of Machine Learning, consider some instances where Machine Learning is applied: the self-driving Google car; cyber fraud detection; and, online recommendation engines from Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon. Machines can enable all of these things by filtering useful pieces of information and piecing them together based on patterns to get accurate results.

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