Different Type Of Artificial Intelligence - Stages of Artificial Intelligence

In this article, you will learn about a different type of artificial intelligence and the stage of AI.

"Artificial Intelligence" has begun to reshape how we live, so we need to understand what Artificial is and know why it matters.
We are surrounded by Artificial Intelligence models which changing our day to day life with there intelligence. For example, Google Voice Assistance, iPhone Siri etc.

We can say that "Artificial Intelligence" is a technique with the help of this technique of human being trying to make the machine-like human being.

"Machine-like human being" means human being trying to make a machine which reacts like a human being, speak like a human being, Feel like a human being, Think like a human being, and try to make the machine more understanding which decides what he does now based on the current situation.

The growth of AI is on the boom and powerful capability have made people crazy about the necessity. AI transform the world rapidly and it completely changes the view of the world. AI completely transform every industry.


1) Education
2) Healthcare
3) Manufacturing
4) Gaming
5) Finance
6) Defence
7) Bioscience
8) Automotive
9) Data

Stage of Artificial Intelligence

1) Narrow/Weak AI

2) General AI

3) Strong AI

1) Narrow/Weak AI:- "Narrow or Weak AI" is a stage of Artificial Intelligence which can perform the only specified task. Narrow or Weak AI does not have thinking ability or we can say that it does not have the power to first think and then take action. It does not make a decision on experience it can perform only specified or dedicated task.
Narrow AI cannot perform beyond its field or limitation, as it is only trained for one specific task. Hence it is also termed as weak AI. Narrow AI can fail in unpredictable ways if it goes beyond its limits.


1) Apple Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Self-Driving car, Alpha Go, Sophia the Humanoid is a good example of Narrow AI.

2)IBM Waston supercomputer also comes under Narrow AI, It uses an Expert system approach combined with Machine learning.

3) playing chess, speech recognition, image recognition, fingerprint recognition.

2) General AI:- "General AI" is another stage of AI. In this stage, the machine can think and make a decision just like a human being.
The main motive to build General AI to make such a machine which take their own decision based on experience and previous result.

Currently, there is no system exist which come under General AI, however, it is believed that we will soon be able to create a machine which can perform any task as perfect as a human.

3) Super AI:- "Super AI"  is another stage of Artificial Intelligence which machine could surpass human intelligence, and can perform any task better than human.

Super AI is currently a hypothetical situation as depicted in movie and science fiction books, where the machine has taken over the world.
I am sure that the machine is not very far from reaching the stage where it can consider more intelligent than humans.

type of artificial intelligence pic

There is 4 "type of Artificial Intelligence" which is categorized based on their functionalities.

1) Reactive Machine 

2) Limited Memory 

3) Theory of Mind 

4) Self-Aware 

1) Reactive Machine:- "Reactive Machine" it is the first type of AI which includes machines that can work based on the present data.

The reactive machine is the most basic type of Artificial Intelligence. This type of AI does not have memories to store or experience for future actions. They can perform a narrower range of pre-defined tasks.

.This type of Machine has no storage.
.These machine only focuses on the current scenario and react to it based on the instruction.
.It can perform an only predefined task.


1) IBM Deep Blue system is an example of a reactive machine.

2) Google voice assistance is also a good example of a reactive machine.

2) Limited Memory:- "Limited Memory" is the second type of AI, as the name suggest that it have memory but limited. It has limited memory that can be used to store experience or some data for a short period. 

It can make an informed and improved decision based on experience from its memory.

Such an AI has a temporary memory that can be used to store experience and hence evaluate future actions.

AI model using thousand of a picture to and their labels to teach it to name objects it scans. 

It uses limited storage to store labelled data.
Almost all present-day AI applications, from chatbots and virtual assistants to self-driving vehicles are all driven by limited memory AI.

The self-driving car used limited memory to store recent speed of nearby cars, the distance of another car, speed limit, and other information to navigate the road.

3) Theory of Mind:- The "Theory of Mind" AI is more advance type of Artificial Intelligence. In this AI Scientist or Programmer try to make the machine which can understand human emotions, people, beliefs.
This category of a machine is speculated to play a major role in psychology.

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