Top 10 programming languages in 2020

Top 10 Programming Language in 2020.

We know that everything in future will be a digital and single component, the machine works on given instruction and these instruction set with the help of programming language.

You see that around you everything starts becoming digital and we are surrounded by many types of Mobile application, Software and different type of Website which help us to grow but you know everything works on given instruction and this instruction is given with the help of programming.

There is a Number of Programming Language in the world but we need that programming language which helps us to build a career in Software development, Website development, Mobile development, Game development.

The right choice of Programming language helps you to build your career in your favourite development field. But we always confuse how to choose a programming language.

How To Choose Programming Language

Follow these steps to choose programming language which help you to build your career.

1) Find your Interest in the development field. For example, if you want to build Software, Mobile application, Website, Game.

2)Now choose appropriate Language according to your development field

One thing is that don't choose any language according to the market. Choose language according to your interest every development field is trending if you are master in your language.

In the end, you'll be having a clear picture of which programming language can help your career boost in upcoming years and beyond that.

Top 10 Most Trending Programming Language.

1) Javascript:- Recently javascript overtake the Python and now javascript is on the first position in trending programming language. Javascript is a scripting language which is used to front-end development.
According to StackOverflow record survey, Javascript is the most popular language among developer.
Javascript is a lightweight and Interpreted language it helps the developer to created front-end very easily. It is a fast programming language it saves a lot of time. 
Most of the browser supports javascript because it is the lightweight language it saves the page load time. Being a front-end language, javascript is also used on the server-side through node.js.

2) Python:- Python is on 2nd position in trending programming language. It is a general-purpose language. Its syntax is very clear and easy to use or understand.
Python save the line of code and written program in python is easy.
Most of the industry adopt python because it is easy to use and mostly it is used in data science, machine learning, deep learning and many more field. Python is the first choice of the hacker.
The most popular social platform like Instagram, Netflix, Youtube is built with python language.

3) Java:- Java is on 3rd position in the most popular programming language. Java has been ruling programming language for the last 24 year. Java is 99% object-oriented and is robust as java objects contain no reference to data external to themselves. It is simpler than c++ because of java use automatic memory allocation and garbage collection.
Java is a highly cross-platform independent programming language. Since you can code in any machine, compile it into low-level machine code, and finally execute on any platform using JVM(java virtual machine).
Java is used to build many things like software development, 
web development etc.

4) PHP:- PHP stands for Hypertext preprocessor it is on 4 positions in the most popular programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language. It is used to create a web page written in HTML. It is a scripting language which runs on the server.
PHP is the first choice of web developer all over the world because it is cheap, easy to use, lightweight language, easily understandable by a new programmer.  
It is widely used to created dynamic website most of the company prefer PHP over any other language for building website.
It also works well with the database and has been used by 
Facebook and yahoo.

5) C#:- C#, pronounced "C-Sharp", it was developed by Microsoft team lead by Andres Hejlsberg. It is at 5 positions in trending programming language. It is a quite good language it is easy to use and easy to understand. We easily create software, a website, a game with the help of this language and recently Microsoft introduce environment where we use C# to build machine learning project easily.

6) Swift:- Swift is on 6th position in the most trending programming language. Swift is the general-purpose language it is developed by Apple Inc. It is used to build ios app or mac os app then, swift is needed to build ios or mac os app. 
Swift is deeply influenced by Python and Ruby and was designed to be beginner-friendly and easy to use. Swift is considered to be faster, more secure, and easier to read and debug.
Swift requires less code, resembles with natural English. Hence, it becomes easier for existing techies from javascript, java, python, c# and c++ to switch to swift without hassle.

7) C++:- C++ is on 7th position in the most trending technique. 
C++ is a programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979 at Bell Labs. C++ is a middle-level language, as it comprises a combination of both high-level and low-level language feature. It is a superset of C, and that virtually any legal C program is a legal C++ program. C++ runs on a variety of platforms, such as windows, Mac OS, and the various versions of UNIX.

8) TypeScript:- TypeScript is on 8th position in the most popular programming language. TypeScript is an open-source programming language developed and maintained by Microsoft. It is a strict syntactical superset of javascript, but with the more powerful feature that helps developers build a large-scale application. It is also supported by Microsoft's free code editor, Visual Studio Code, which is the top open-source project on GitHub. 
It is not only one of the most popular languages, but it is also one of the fastest-growing languages.

9) C:- C is on 9th position in the most trending programming language. It is a procedural computer programming language. It is fast, portable and available on all platforms. I recommended that you must have to learn C because C helps you to build your base in the programming field. Many popular languages today, including Java, PHP, and JavaScript, have their root in C.     
C language is considered as the mother language of all the modern programming languages because of most of the compiler, JVMs, Kernels, etc. are written in C language, and most of the programming language follows C syntax, for example, C++, Java, C#, etc.

10) Ruby:- Ruby is on 10th position in the most popular programming language. Ruby is a dynamic, Open Source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write. Much of the growth is attributable to the popularity of software written in Ruby.

Which language is used in which Field:

  • Front-end Web Development: HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT
  • Back-end Web Development: RUBY, C#, PYTHON, JAVA, PHP
  • Desktop Application Development: C#, C++, JAVA, PERL, PYTHON
  • Mobile Application Development: KOTLIN, PYTHON, C#, JAVA, SWIFT, R 
  • Game Development: C#, JAVA, C++
  • Data Scientist: Scala, Julia, Python

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