Which technology used in online food ordering?

Which technology used in online food ordering?

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Today I will give you an answer to the most asked question that is which technology used in online food ordering?

There are many only food ordering apps like Zomato, Swigy.

You can order food only with the help of these app and these app use technology which help you to place an order online.

There are multiple technologies behind online food ordering app:

2) Google Map

3) Server

4) Payment Gateway

Now we will discuss each technology one by one.

1) Programming Language:

There are many languages in markets which help you to build a mobile app. A programming language is the most important step to building online food ordering app. There is a number of language like Java, Flutter, Swift and many more which help to build these type of application.

2) Google Map:

Whenever you place food online through any mobile app you see a map where you can see where is your delivery boy how much time he take to rich you all these types of functionality work due to help of google map.

3) Server:

The server is an online system where all your details save whenever you place an order and also save all restaurant name their data which store on a server.

4) Payment Gateway: 

Payment Gateway is a technology which is used to collect online payment from client or users.

All these technologies work behind the online food ordering app whenever you open any food ordering app firstly you interact with GUI which is design in any language and when you place an order your details store on server and then you see a map where you see or check where is your deliver boy all these techniques work together and make you capable to order food online.

Finally, this technology used in online food ordering.

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