Youtube Launch Shorts Beta Version In India.

 Youtube Launch Shorts Beta Version In India.

Youtube Launch Shorts Beta Version In India.

Recently Youtube launch beta version in India. We can say it is Tik Tok alternative or youtube played the smart game after Tik Tok ban.

It is beneficial for those creators who have their own youtube channel or do thinking to open a new youtube channel. Tik Tokers also have a chance to come on this platform.

If you have already used TikTok before then it is simple to you and you can easily move on shorts. You can adopt shorts easily.

Those creators who have already youtube channel and want to join shorts. Firstly I am clearing that it is a beta version and beta version may be some lack of feature. 

But after some time youtube will back with some new feature, new editing tools, new filter or maybe some advanced tools which are beyond our thinking. Youtube not disclose the criteria of monetizing. I tell you my guess that maybe there will be no compulsion to one thousand subscribers and 4 thousand watch time. 

One more interesting thing is that youtube giving a free lecture on how to use shorts. The lecture is in two language one is Hindi and the other is the Malayalam language. You have to join the youtube workshop to get a free lecture on shorts.

You have only one chance to join the free lecture go and get it.

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